Cary Child Photographer | Making Magical Images

Cary Child Photographer | Making Magical Images

As a Cary child photographer I decided  to do something different. I wanted to try making magical images. These images are also known as “Composite” pictures. They are made from several different images merged into just one. There are a lot of free stock images available for you to work with from different sites such as devientart. All you need is a great imagination and patience.  Composite work requires a lot of Photoshop knowledge. You definitely need to know all about Photoshop, layers, layer masks and extracting subjects. For these particular images I used a green screen. Green screens can be very helpful when you are using a child or object you need to “cut out” of another photograph.

Pictures like these are often described as “fine art”.   It is making something that is not real – look real and that is where the magic happens! Who doesn’t want to fight a giant octopus, feed an elephant or ride in a boat above the clouds! Cary Child Photographer | Ride on the clouds | www.nicolalanephotographerCary Child Photographer | Feeding the elephants | www.nicolalanephotography.comCary Child Photographer | Fighting the octopus | www.nicolalanephotography.comRaleigh Photographer | Composite Art |

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