Raleigh Newborn Baby Photographer

How much better does it get than being a Raleigh newborn baby photographer! This little princess is my neighbor and good friends little baby.. We had so much fun setting up this session and picking through props. She is a truly miracle baby and most definitely worth the bed rest she had her mommy on for the last few weeks of her pregnancy. She is so blessed to have a gorgeous big sister and amazing, loving parents who I am proud to call my friend.

A few weeks later came the call that she was going into hospital, of course I headed down there with my camera so I could get some hospital pictures of her newborn baby daughter, this is what we call a fresh 48 session but I am not fooling anyone when I say I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this precious little baby girl! This mother is a picky one (she loves me) and so to be the photographer picked out of all the Raleigh Newborn baby photographers, I felt very special.

When things had settled at home it was time for our newborn shoot. This was such a dreamy shoot, we had so much fun picking out colors and textures (yes I used color!! most of the time I use very natural organic muted tones) but I do have “some” color around the studio 😉  What a sweet baby girl, she did amazing for her shoot and is equally as beautiful as her big sister and mother.

Raleigh newborn baby photographer

raleigh newborn baby photographer  Raleigh Baby and Child Photographer Does it get any cuter than this! Seriously!!! I absolutely love newborn and baby photography, I love expressions I love the wonder and amazement that you can catch and the glimpses of personality. This is what happens when a good friend of mine leaves her four month old daughter in my care to take a trip to Raleigh!!… I just can not help but warm the studio and set to become a baby photographer  .. I mean seriously who could resist such a sweet little baby girl with beautiful red hair.  My mom is the owner of Props Of Love and makes these amazing outfits.. from newborn to one year old.. The sitting outfits are wonderful, they are all wonderful.. She also makes layering sets and headbands.. She is awesome! .. read more   Raleigh Newborn Photographer  The newborn photographer next door! When we got new neighbors I was more than thrilled to see a beautiful family and an expecting mother. Our friendship soon bloomed and grew, I am proud to call this mother one of my closest and best friends.  It was amazing to be her maternity-photographer and provide her with beautiful maternity pictures,, boy did we have fun picking out and ordering a bunch of new dresses for her to wear, she was such a good sport too!  I could not wait to be this mother's newborn baby photographer! Read more. Raleigh Newborn and Baby Photography Newborn photography at its finest!! I mean seriously, does it get any cuter than this. I think mom was originally worried that this little sweat pea was never going to sleep. What a wide awake and alert baby she was and look at all these expressions! I had so much fun with this newborn shoot and this little darling girl gave me baby fever for sure!!! How can you not love all these expressions!! Read more.. Raleigh Maternity and Pregnancy Photographer Wow!! Let me start by saying how gorgeous this mother to be is!!! Stunning! A friend of mine flew into Raleigh,  from California and we decided to do this shoot together.  We had so much fun, this mom was up for anything and yet when we pulled up to the location she looked a little concerned. This happens a lot, a photographer will see beauty everywhere and when she got to see the final images she could  not even believe how they turned out! You don’t always need a huge field of flowers, just this patch of tall wheat grass with the trees in the background we knew would work like magic. Read more.. Raleigh Child Photographer As a Raleigh child photographer I have to say lately this is one of my favorite types of sessions. I adore all children and I work well with them .  I love to see personalities and capture them as they are, in the moment. I will always get the smile pictures that parents love, however most of my awards are handed out for my images like the one above, of my own son actually. I always love the time I get to spend with my own children, when they agree that is to have their pictures taken. A photographer can not force a child to have their pictures taken, not even their own, the child must decide (or be persuaded into this venture very creatively) For myself this is few and far between and never usually “posed”, these are more candid moments I try to catch between the two of them. My older son prefers to stay out of pictures and I only really push for him to join in once a year (he calls it traumatic) bahhahahahha! I think to capture my own little boys feels so magical to me, I have the freedom to go and do what I totally envision, and then edit with the same freedom and creativity. I think if I ever want to consider serious family pictures and individual pictures of my boys I will need to hire another Raleigh child photographer to get the job done right! Read more...

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